Fresh Sausages

family recipes and handcrafted excellence sets us apart.

Sausages come in two main types: fresh and cured. Fresh sausages are simply seasoned ground meats that are cooked before serving, and are not dried or cured. Classically sausage is made from pork. It can also be made from beef, chicken, duck, veal, lamb, or anything that can be cut and ground.

Freeland Market Fresh Sausages

Here at Freeland Market, we strive for the utmost levels of quality. We maintain consistent customer satisfaction with the use of only the freshest natural ingredients. Our sausage is produced on the premises. All grinding, mixing, stuffing, and twisting is done by hand right behind our counter. Utilizing only top grade, fresh ingredients, we can ensure our sausages remain unrivaled.

Freeland Market carries a variety of
Fresh sausages including:


Abruzzese Liver            
Ancho Chorizo              
Bacon Jalapeno
Cajun Boudin Blanc       Chaurice
Chorizo                             Chorizo Fresco                       Chorizo Santa Rosa           Chorizo Verde
English Banger
English Herb                         Foxy Brat
French Country
Green Onion                           Grosseto     
Hot Italian                       Jalapeno Cheddar
Kielbasa                                 Kim Chi                         Loukaniko                           Maple Sage
Nurnberg Bratwurst
Pepper and Onion               Ramp
South Philly Roasted Pork
Spinach/Sun-dried Tomato
Sweet Italian                         Thai Curry Pork
Toulouse                       Thuringer style Bratwurst
Wurttemburg Style Bratwurst


Duck with Brandied Cherries


Ancho and Papaya                   Apple Gouda                           Buffalo Chicken
Chipotle                                   Curry                                     Fennel                                         Hawaiian                                   Jerk                                           Marsala                                    Mojito                                         Pesto                                     Spinach Asiago                           Sriracha                               Tarragon                               Teriyaki                                       Thai Panang



Asian                                           Bacon Jalapeno                     Brandy and Dried Plums           Hunter Style                         Pistachio                             Salsiccia d'Anitra (Pancetta) Squash & Chestnuts                                          


Chimichurri                             Herbed Lamb with Feta             Kefta                                     Merguez                                   Meyer Lemon                             Provencal                             Spanish                               Thessaly



We also carry smoked sausages>


Stop in and see what fresh sausages we are serving up this week.